Falling In Love With Your Best Friend
Paul Baribeau

I heard a song once
About falling in love with your best friend
I'd give about anything to hear that song again

Last summer I was
Singing along with my favorite band
Every word they'd scream was neon green

I already knew I'd fallen apart
But that was the first time I'd noticed
That I was slowly but surely coming back together

I heard a song once
Broke my heart on the drive back to michigan
Coming slow through Lansing at 3 AM

Pulled into the driveway
Let the car run
I've been gone
For way too long

And I wanted to call you
Or just show up at your house or something
Even though i knew it wouldnt make me feel any better

Last summer I was
Trying not to fall in love with anyone
Because there's way too much work to get done

Last summer I was
Living down in Bloomington
It had been so long since I felt young,
Maybe I was just running away

As if it's just a bad thing
To try
And make my life better

I heard a song once
About falling in love with your best friend
I'd give about anything, to hear that song again

Paul Baribeau

Paul Baribeau's warm, witty sounds and gnarly beard bring something truly unique and interesting to the folk-punk table. The South Central Michigan native collaborates often with friends such as Matty Pop Chart and Kimya Dawson, but has two self-released ("25" and "Unbearable") and two Plan-It-X released ("Paul Baribeau" and "Grand Ledge") solo albums, plus a very interesting Bruce Springsteen covers album. ... Selengkapnya


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