There are multiple artists that use the moniker 'BTS':
1. Bangtan Boys (방탄소년단 ) (Bulletproof Boy Scouts/BTS) is the hip hop brainchild of hit composer Hitman Bang of Big Hit Entertainment. The members have been revealed and confirmed as being J-Hope (‘94), leader Rap Monster (‘94), maknae Jeongguk (‘97), Jimin (‘95), Jin (‘92), V (‘95), and Suga (‘93).

2. Music from the minds of two students in their early 20's, living in central Bucharest. The relatively unknown pair of dudes who are named Ptere and Kyohei have been playing together for the past 2 years.

Lirik lagu Run Run BTS
Lirik lagu Butterfly Butterfly BTS
Lirik lagu Best Of Me - Japanese ver. Best Of Me - Japanese ver. BTS
Lirik lagu Blood Sweat & Tears Blood Sweat & Tears BTS
Lirik lagu DNA DNA BTS
Lirik lagu Don't Leave Me Don't Leave Me BTS
Lirik lagu Go Go Go Go BTS
Lirik lagu Go Go - Japanese ver. Go Go - Japanese ver. BTS
Lirik lagu Let Go Let Go BTS
Lirik lagu Spring Day Spring Day BTS

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